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For many years Agridry has produced the Infinity range of breadcrumbing machines. Suitable for most commercial bakeries or bread product processors, the Agridry Infinity range offers a turnkey solution.

The INF system uses a rotary drum dryer with gas heating. Controls are by way of a touch screen interface through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The wet bread is debagged on to an elevator that feeds the product into the bread grinder. The resulting wet crumbs drop into the heated air stream and are transported through the rotating drum to the collection hopper. From there they are carried by air into the intermediate collection hopper.

Dust or fines are captured in the filter box, which features removable, washable filter socks. The exhaust air is normally vented to the atmosphere. The dried crumbs can be released from the holding hopper into a transport system for conveying to other storage, or bagged off. (Bagging equipment is not included in the basic package)

Models: INF 250 AND INF 500

These models are offered as complete packages including all equipment from the wet debagged in-feed conveyor (not including a debagger), grinder, drying drum with air separation hopper, dry crumb storage hopper and exhaust air filter assembly. An optional bag weigher can be supplied. The package includes all electrical and gas controls installed and pre-wired on to the machine. It does not include on site electrical or gas supply and connections.

Specifications INF 250
Output dried product: 250kg p/h
Dry Storage capacity: 125kg
Input (680g loaves/Min): 10
Electrical: 17.5kW
Gas (Max Input): 1000MJ/h

Specifications INF 500
Output dried product: 500kg p/h
Dry Storage capacity: 250kg
Input (680g loaves/Min): 19
Electrical: 23kW
Gas (Max Input): 2000MJ/h

Dimensions INF 250
A Length drum assembly: 8500mm
B Length overall: 10420mm
C Height: 4000mm
D Height: 3500mm
E Weight (approximate): 6T

Dimensions INF 500
A Length drum assembly: 10200mm
B Length overall: 12800mm
C Height: 4000mm
D Height: 5700mm
E Weight (approximate): 9T

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Agridry Dryers Pty Ltd
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